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Adnan Sami claims that beef is available in India

Adnan Sami

Singer Adnan Sami is still forced to prove his loyalty to India. Twitter: User feedback

Islamabad (Urdu point latest newspaper – August 19, 2019): Adnan Sami Khan, a singer who left India for Pakistan, has made another claim regarding India, after which the social media consumer’s guns are once again turning.

Has turned towards them. According to details, in his message on the microblogging website Twitter, Adnan Sami Khan claimed that one thing for all of you to know clearly that beef is available in India in the same way as liquor is available in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Pakistani journalist Ajmal Jami challenged Adnan Sami Khan’s claim that if that were the case, you should post a number of your own picture with beef.

Following Adnan Sami Khan’s claim, Twitter users have once again turned their backs on him. Twitter users say that Adnan Sami can never accept the challenge.

What is the life of Adnan Sami too that he has to give evidence of his loyalty to India till date, for which he sometimes uses the slogan of J India, sometimes criticizing Pakistan to prove his loyalty and sincerity for India.

But sadly despite all this, Adnan Sami Khan has not been able to attain the status of a citizen in India till date. Be aware that Muslims who eat beef in India are subjected to the worst violence, while many Muslim women have been wasting their lives in torture and torture of Indian extremists till now. Are sitting



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