Home News Apache: Helicopter equipped with advanced combat capabilities in the Indian Air Force

Apache: Helicopter equipped with advanced combat capabilities in the Indian Air Force

Apache: Helicopter equipped with advanced combat capabilities in the Indian Air Force

Under contract with the United States, India has received eight modern combat helicopters, the Apache AH64E, which were inducted into the Indian Air Force at an official ceremony at Pathankot Airbus. Air Chief Marshal Birendra Singh Dhanwa was the chief guest at the function.

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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government has contracted to buy 22 combat Apache helicopters from the United States, of which eight have been received by India. The remaining combat helicopters will be deployed in March 2020. The presence of these helicopters at Pathankot Airbus is important as there is often tension at the border.

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The Boeing Company made Apache helicopters for the US Army for the first time in January 1984. So far, the company has sold more than 2200 Apache helicopters. Prior to India, Boeing sold these helicopters to several countries, including the United States, Egypt, Indonesia, Israel, Greece, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Japan.

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According to the company, two pilots are required to fly this helicopter 16 feet high and 18 feet wide. It has a large engine mounted on it so that its wings and fans can rotate at high speeds.

The helicopters, developed by the American company Boeing, are equipped with advanced combat capabilities. According to the Indian Air Force Chief, “these are the most powerful helicopters in the world. These (combat) missions can be carried out. ”The Boeing Company says the helicopters can fly for about three hours at a time.

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According to Boeing’s own website, these combat helicopters can fly at speeds of up to 280 kilometers per hour. The helicopters, which have a 550 km flight range, have the ability to shoot up to 16 missile destroyers. Under them can be filled up to 12,000 rounds of pellet guns.


The company has stated on its website that there is a contract between Boeing and the US Army under which the company will also assist in the maintenance of these helicopters, but it will not be free. The Apache helicopter’s unique design makes it difficult to catch on the radar.

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According to Ed Mackie, a British Air Force pilot, flying an Apache helicopter is as if you were tied to a roof at a speed of 160 km per hour. According to him, India will spend about $ 3 million for each pilot training.

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