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Arsalan Siddiqui From Droghy Wala, Pakistani king of video game ‘Takken’

arsalan ash king of taken the vdeo game

“It has never been in the history of the Tekken competitions before, that a player came out of a country like Pakistan to dominate the Korean, Japanese, European and North American players. Today’s story is that no one can stop Arslan. ‘

These words are from a commentator during the final match of the EVO 2019 event in the US city of Las Vegas that surrounds Arsalan Siddiqui, a lieutenant from Lahore, to ‘Holi Ni’, known as ‘Teken God’. Looking to chat.

In the last one year, the world of Tekken ‘Arslan Ash’ has not really stopped. Their story is as legendary as the characters they help defeat their adversaries.

Arslan, like his peers in childhood, played the ‘token game’ in his neighborhood, and then won tournaments in different cities.

But Hussein, the founder of eSports Pakistan, says Arslan’s success is due to his hard work.

taken victory moment arsalan ash tweet

“If you ever watch them play, you have to understand why they are so successful,” Hasanin said. I have seen Arslan play for 16 hours in a row, this guy is not tired. ‘

Although parents usually do not send to Tekken Centers because of the environment there, Arsalan’s parents supported him in the face of difficulties, which is probably why Arsalan resorted to winning the Evo ‘over his mother’s prayers. ‘

From Droght Wala to Las Vegas

Speaking to BBC Urdu, Arsalan said, “Winning EVO is the dream of any e-sports player as it is the largest e-sports tournament. The biggest success of your career is that you win the event. It means a lot to me. ‘

The significance of this victory can be gauged from the dramatic story of Arsalan, who was difficult to get out of Pakistan until a year ago.

Last year, in the UAE, a gamer, Mohammad Albana, decided to open a company that financed the region’s best players so that they could compete in competitions around the world.

albana about arsalan

Albana invited Arslan to a tournament in Abu Dhabi last year, which coincided with the then-Evo champion HoliNi. Arslan beat them twice and threw them into the world of e-sports.

“I’m a gamer myself and I watched Arslan’s videos so I thought of sponsoring him because Arsenal had a lot of talent,” said Albana.

Arslan became known as the ‘Anonymous God of Tekken’ and thus his confidence in Al Ban was restored. The next big competition in the world of Tekken was Evo Japan in Japan.

‘Get me a Pakistan ticket’

This was probably the most difficult and nerve-wracking contest of Arslan’s career in Japan. The reason for this was that they were not the best players to participate in the tournament, but they had visa issues due to being Pakistani.

Arslan spent two days departing from Evo Japan at different airports. Gamer Waqas Ali, who is in WeiSlash’s team at these competitions, says he learned about Arslan’s intentions on that day.

evo championship takken arslan ash

He said, “At one point he stopped during the call, and said, ‘Give me a ticket for Pakistan.’

Arslan arrived a few hours before the tournament began. “Arsalan was very tired, circles under his eyes and I was wondering how he could cope in that situation,” Waqas said.

But Arslan beat all the players one by one and made the tournament his name.

“I have never seen a player like this, so much courage and courage can be demonstrated,” Waqas said.

His sponsor, Muhammad Albana, says he did not expect Arslan to perform so well.

because of arsalan people's knows apkistani talent

He said: ‘It surprised me too when he won two of the toughest tournaments in the world.

“I’m very satisfied and I’ve got more than I thought.”

‘EVO Sports World Cup’

Sialkot resident and gamer Sultan Basharat told BBC Urdu that Evo Sports is the biggest tournament for e-sports as it is for the Cricket World Cup.

He said, “There is a lot of competition and it is a dream of gamers to win, it is so hard to win.”

This year, for the first time in the history of Tekken, someone has won both Evo contests. This unique honor came to Arslan and he is the first winner of the Tekken history, having participated in both competitions for the first time and made his name.

Over 1,500 players participated in nine different games at the EVO competition in Las Vegas, and it spanned three days.

In the game of Tekken, players fight with the help of legendary characters. Arslan usually plays the legend of Tekken with Kazumi, while in the final match, his opponent, Hollyn plays the Tekken character Kazuya. Incidentally, Kazumi and Kazuya’s legendary relationship is with mother and son.

Arslan’s abilities can be gauged from the fact that he never let Holly win in the last one year.

arsalan  takken payer

What happened in the Evo final

It is important to note here that in such a big competition, the technique becomes a very difficult game.

“The 3D movement makes this game extremely difficult because even if you make a mistake, you can lose the entire round,” says Sufran.

Before the finals, Arsenal were in the ‘Woner Bracket’, meaning they had not suffered a single match in the entire tournament. On the other hand, Holi fell into the ‘loser bracket’ after defeating Arslan.

This means that Holi had to beat Arsenal twice to win the tournament but lost in the first match.

There are five sets in a match and five rounds in one set. Arsalan from Lahore presented excellent game.

After a 2-1 failure after the first three sets, Nei thought of changing the role and instead of Kazuya, the Devils decided to fight Arslan’s Kazumi.

It was a psychological victory for Arslan himself. The commentator also appeared to be impressed with Arslan’s performance. “Arslan’s intelligence is impressive,” he said. He is one step ahead of his opponents at every opportunity. No one could stop Arslan. ‘

attractive brain power arsalan ash

The popularity of Tekken in Pakistan

Tekken is already a popular sport in Pakistan and now people are also interested in showing Tekken matches live and young people especially see it as fun.

Arsalan’s victories over the past one year have made Pakistan a world-class celebrity. Even last month, Japanese player Crowe announced that he would come to Pakistan to learn Pakistani style and practice with the players.

Rox Dragon knee arsalan ash tweet

Husnain, co-founder of eSports Pakistan, says that because of Arsalan, people have found out how much talent there is in Pakistan in terms of tech.

He said that the ease with which Arsalan won the tournament has attracted the attention of gaming companies in Pakistan.

Arsalan himself says, “This win will have a great impact on e-sports in Pakistan as many sponsors are interested in sponsoring players in Pakistan.”

He sent a message to the parents of Tekken and other e-sports deities in Pakistan that you spend so much money on the education of your children so if anyone is good at e-sports then he should get a chance. ‘



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