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As a geek on his journey, there is no malice: Girard Mann

Girard Mann

Popular singer, songwriter, and composer for his Punjabi songs in India and Pakistan says that being an artist was probably written by nature but it is not possible to achieve success without hard work in any area of ​​life. Is.

Little did anyone know that Gardas Mann, who was born in Gadarbaha, an Indian Punjab town 62 years ago, started his career as a teacher in the field of physical education after pursuing education, but according to him, he did this work in life. Done for a very short time.

Talking to BBC correspondent Gagan Sabarwal about the start of music and singing, he said, “Nature feeds everything into the ‘chip’ you put in and it has to happen. No one can stop it. But when to give, when to give, this is what he is giving. ‘

He said, ‘You have to work hard for it, you have to try, it is where you get attracted.’

‘Childhood is gone, youth is gone, life’s precious sign is gone’ as the creator of the popular song said of his childhood, ‘Childhood can never be forgotten by man.

The most precious days of life, the memories, the precious memories. Remembering childhood, playing in the streets, running away when we wanted it to be night, just playing with our friends. ‘

Madras also said, ‘There will never be a taste of life that I had in childhood, but the place of youth is its own taste. But all ages have their own style. ‘

The beginning of the music

“No one knows what he will become when he grows up, but as he gets closer to the floor, he realizes that the Lord has shown some kindness to me,” Manas said.

He said, “When people like Sadhikari or singing, then man realizes that I have this talent in me, how can I polish it with a teacher?”

However, he said that his story itself was something different. “Nothing like this happened in my area, but even then what I heard on the radio, on the TV, things started to recede.

Talking about his first performance, he revealed that he had sung in Ram Leela. ‘I was a kid, my uncle used to take me. Once there was a bean ready, they said, “Let our boy sing as long as it is ready.”

‘I used to listen to music and play mostly in my childhood. My teacher was Harpal Toana Ji who did for Punjabi theater. ”

Talking about his acting, Giridas Mann said, ‘The daughter of Red Rose was a poem that she (Harpal Tonya) portrayed on stage, then played the role of Sufi Faqir in a play in her youth. For this role I had fixed my eyes, I had seen the sun tying the ticket in the day so that my eyelids wouldn’t hide. ‘

He said, ‘When all those things come together, then you pay a little. Some would come to write, some to sing, some to dance. All of them together form a circle. ‘

Gardas said that where his guru Harpal was in the theater, he chose Pandit Adam Prakash for music. However, he said that it is said, ‘When people learn from the Guru, they get honor, honor, fame. That’s all I got. “

Asked about his contemporaries, Gardas said, “For me, all of them have their own space. In the environment where you have grown up, singing is like dancing on their faces. ‘

The people who love Punjabi devotion to the extent are not working in a movie nowadays, but they say, “Maybe you see me in a movie after six months or years but I think I will sing.” Okay.’

He said, ‘As a geek, he has no malice on his journey. ‘I don’t think anyone else has enjoyed life as much as I did. What the owner has given me is very good with patience and gratitude. ”



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