Home News As the Indian army rebelled, several key officials were arrested

As the Indian army rebelled, several key officials were arrested

Indian army rebelled

These officials suspected that they were involved in such activities as the internal military coup.

New Delhi (Urdu Point latest newspaper – August 23, 2019): The Modi government responsible for the tense situation in occupied Kashmir has suffered a major setback.

According to details, rebellion in the Indian army has begun to rise. With the revelation of the Modi government, arrests of key Indian Army officials have been started.

According to a report published in the national newspaper, Kashmir, according to a credible source who has been responsible for many years in Indian intelligence agencies, is moving towards a dangerous turning point;

Indian intelligence agencies have taken key positions in military units on the last day. Arrested some suspects who were involved in such activities as an internal military coup.

Sources revealed that the intelligence agency RAW and the Intelligence Bureau provided the latest report to the Indian Ministry of Defense and Interior, which revealed the revelations.

According to these revelations, indigenous people belonging to minorities belonging to the Indian Armed Forces are found to be uncomfortable and may refuse to engage in Muslim, Sikh and Christian rebellion or sensitive activities of any nature.

The dramatic situation in Kashmir has changed dramatically, putting the Modi government in a new test. At an important meeting yesterday, Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, while expressing his reservations,

Acknowledged that the formula for dividing Kashmir into two parts was introduced quickly and without homework. We should have a little patience. We would not have to face this problem today if we had supported our candidates in the Kashmir Legislative Assembly elections and made such a move through them.

According to a question, if a war breaks out between the two countries, this time India will attack Balochistan and Gilgit-Baltistan with full force to harm Pakistani forces while some Pakistani-controlled Kashmir troops in Part Two. Bunkers and hideouts can also be targeted.



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