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Bill Gates’s letter to PM Imran Khan

Bill Gates's letter to PM Imran Khan

In a letter of tribute to the government over efforts to eradicate polio, Bill Gates wishes to meet Imran Khan at the UN meeting in September.

Islamabad (Urdu Point latest newspaper – August 21, 2019): Microsoft founder Bill Gates has written a letter to Prime Minister Imran Khan.

In this regard, media reports said that he thanked the Prime Minister for calling on a meeting on rising polio cases in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Bill Gates said in the end that efforts were being made to eradicate polio. Offer compliments.

It is very important to remove suspicion from the minds of the parents to eliminate polio. The special focus is on the government’s focus on the EPI program. Bill Gates also expressed his desire to meet Imran Khan at a UN meeting in September.

It is to be noted that in 2015 also Microsoft founder Bill Gates wrote a letter to Imran Khan in which he paid tribute to Imran Khan for his interest in the campaign against polio.

Bill Gates says your commitment to the campaign against polio is encouraging, the health unions campaign, the government, and the military are very happy to work together.

Jahangir Tareen was also given a tribute in the letter. Even in December last year, there was a telephonic connection between Prime Minister Imran Khan and Bill Gates. Prime Minister Imran Khan and Bill Gates kept talking for 30 minutes over the telephone.

During this time, the Prime Minister’s Assistant Anti-Polio Babar Atta was also present. Bill Gates congratulated Prime Minister Imran Khan on winning the election and taking office.

He praised Prime Minister Imran Khan for his efforts in eradicating polio and also paid tribute to him. Thanks for helping the sector.



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