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Counselor’s access to Klubhushan: Yadav is being pressured to repeat negative statements.

indian pressure on kulbhushan yadav

India says its citizen Kalbushan Jadav, who was sentenced to death for spying, terrorism and sabotage in Pakistan, is being pressured to repeat negative statements.

This was stated by a spokesperson of the Indian Foreign Ministry after meeting the Indian diplomat with Kalboshan Jadav in Islamabad.

Talking to journalists, Foreign Ministry spokesman Ravish Kumar confirmed that Kubushan Jadhav was given the right to access the consular.

Indian Deputy High Commissioner Goru Ahluwalia arrived at the Foreign Office in Islamabad on Monday to meet Kalbhushan where he spent three hours.

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According to a statement issued by the Foreign Office of Pakistan, Kalbushan’s meeting with the Indian diplomat began at 12 noon and continued for two hours.

According to the statement, the meeting took place in the presence of representatives of the Government of Pakistan, but there is no restriction on the language of the Indian request for dialogue.

According to the Foreign Office, the conversation was also recorded to keep matters transparent and Indian authorities had already been informed.

Indian Foreign Ministry spokesman Ravish Kumar said that the Indian High Commissioner in Pakistan met Kalbhushan Jadhav on Monday and the meeting was held on July 17, 2019, according to the judgment of the International Court of Justice.

He also said, “We are waiting for a detailed report, but it is clear that (Kulbhushan) is being pressured to repeat negative statements on Jadhav to promote Pakistan’s false claims.”

The Indian Foreign Ministry spokesman said that after receiving a detailed report from the Indian government, the future course of action will be decided and the extent to which the International Court of Justice’s orders are being complied with.

The spokesperson added that the Foreign Minister has spoken to Kubhushan Judo’s mother and informed her about the meeting. “The (Indian) government is determined that Judo will get justice and he will return to India in perfect security,” he said.

Dr mohammad Faisal about kulbhushan yadav

It should be remembered that Pakistan had once again offered consular access to Kalbhushan Jadu, which India accepted.

“Indian spy commander Kulbhushan Jadhav, who is an Indian Navy service officer and RAW, will be given consular access on September 2, 2019,” Pakistani Foreign Office spokesman Dr. Muhammad Faisal said in his messages on Twitter on Sunday. General Chat Chat Lounge ‘

“It will be in accordance with the Vienna Convention, international court of justice and Pakistani law,” said a tweet from his certified account.

The offer came from Pakistan at a time when relations between the two countries have been strained after the elimination of the special constitutional status of Indian-administered Kashmir and making it a centrally-administered territory.

This is the second time since the International Court of Justice’s decision on the Klubhushan case that Pakistan has consular access to Klubhushan Jadoo.

Earlier last month, Pakistan formally offered consular access to India to Kalbhushan Jadav. However, in response to this proposal, India had demanded Pakistan to provide consular access to Klubhushan Jadav in a ‘fear free from pressure and punishment’.

kubhushan yadav meet with his mother

It should be remembered that on July 17, the International Court of Justice ordered Pakistan to review the death sentence of the alleged spy and grant consular access.

The court ruled that Pakistan violated Article 36 of the Vienna Convention by not granting Kalbhushan Jadu access to the consul.

In April 2017, a Pakistani military court sentenced Kalbhushan Judo to death for spying, sabotage and terrorism.

Against the verdict, India requested the International Court of Justice stop in May 2017 and request that the release of Kalbhushan be suspended and his release be granted.

The International Court of Justice rejected India’s appeal, but ordered Pakistan to grant the accused access to the consulate and to review the death sentence.

About Klabhushan Jadu, Pakistan claims he is an Indian Navy service officer who was arrested in Balochistan province of Pakistan in 2016.

Pakistan has long accused India of backing Baloch separatist elements in Balochistan.



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