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Curfew in occupied Kashmir takes a month, Kashmir suffers

curfew in kashmir

Indian crackdown continues from August 5, disrupts business life due to loss of transport and communication

Srinagar: India’s draconian sanctions and lockdowns in occupied Kashmir have been a month away.

According to Kashmir Media Service, Indian crackdown has been ongoing in the occupied valley since August 5. Transport and all kinds of communication are disconnected. Shops, offices and educational institutions have closed, resulting in paralysis of business life.

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From August 5, Kashmir has been disconnected from the world with the closure of TV, Internet, newspaper and phone. The occupying army has also made it difficult for Kashmiris to breathe. The valley has been hit by severe shortages of foodstuffs, medicines and other necessities, resulting in Kashmiris suffering from a humanitarian crisis.

The Indian government has abolished the special status of occupied Kashmir in the Constitution, repealing Articles 370 and 35A, while dividing the state into two parts.

Due to the curfew, traders in Jammu and Kashmir have suffered a loss of at least Rs 500 crore financially. Along with the business, the tourism industry of Kashmir has also been severely damaged which is the main source of income for Kashmiris.

In June this year, except three lakh tourists visited occupied Kashmir and in August this number has dropped to zero, which has resulted in Kashmiris losing their two-time bread.

There were 7 lakh Indian troops already deployed in occupied Kashmir, and as a result of the elimination of special status, another 70,000 Indian troops have been deployed, which is engaged in crushing the protests of Kashmiris with full force. The news of rampant violence against Kashmiris is spreading through the world media.

From this whole situation, it seems that the Indian government wants to eliminate Kashmiris economically under a deliberate plan to force them to kneel down.

The issue was a meeting of the UN Security Council on Kashmir, in which it demanded India to comply with the UN resolutions in occupied Kashmir, but the international community is limited to mere verbal words and practically any attempt to help Kashmiris. Has not been



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