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Domestic violence charges: Warrant arrests issued against Indian cricketer Mohammad Shami’s birthday

mohammad shami and his wife fight 2

Fast bowler Mohammed Shami, who is on the Indian team visiting the West Indies, was congratulated on the day of his birth from the Indian cricket board’s Twitter handle but also issued his arrest arrest thousands of miles away in Kolkata. Are given.

For the past year and a half, Shami have been in the news and this is mostly due to the wrong reasons.

He was first charged with match-fixing, and then his wife Hussein Jahan filed a domestic violence and beatings complaint against Shami and his brother.

Kolkata’s Alipur court has now issued warrant arrests against Shami and his brother in a domestic violence case filed by his wife.

On a visit to the West Indies with the shami Indian team, the court has given him 15 days to submit his self-surrender and bail plea while his brother has been ordered to act on the warrant immediately. ۔

The BCCI, on the other hand, has said that it will take a decision on the issue only after looking at the charge sheet. A BCCI official said it does not appear to require immediate action. After looking at the charge sheet, a decision will be taken in this matter.

During the trial filed by Hussain Jahan, the Shami court did not appear before the court despite the court’s order, which is why it was decided to issue a warrant against it.

Hussein’s lawyer, Anirwan Goha Thakrata, said: ‘shami’s have never appeared in court in this case. Therefore, a warrant has been issued against him and his brother Hashb Ahmed. Syrians are out of the country in cricket so they have been given 15 days to surrender. But this law does not apply to his brother.

mohammad shami and his wife fight

Shami’s troubles

Kolkata police filed a charge sheet against shami and his brother in Alipore’s Metropolis Court March 14 this year in connection with the domestic violence case filed by wife Hussain Jahan. Hussein Jahan also met Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee at her residence and demanded justice in the matter.

In fact, since March last year, disputes have not been pursuing Syria. His wife first accused him of match-fixing and then domestic violence, beatings and rap. Following the allegations of Hussein Jahan, the BCCI excluded Mohammad Shami from the central agreement last year.

Later they got the green signal. But due to poor performance in the IPL, he was not included in the Indian team visiting England. He was also the victim of a road accident.

Kolkata police questioned cricketer Mohammad Shami during the IPL tournament last year in connection with his wife’s domestic violence case. However, Shami has already dismissed all the allegations as baseless.



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