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Hollywood actress Wrestler Dwayne Johnson tied in marriage

Wrestler Dwayne Johnson

The 47-year-old “The Rock” surprised fans by uploading wedding photos

New York (Urdu Point latest newspaper – August 19, 2019): 47-year-old Hollywood actor and wrestler Dwayne Johnson is in a relationship.

According to details, the 47-year-old “The Rock” uploaded a photo of his wedding and left fans in awe. In the photos uploaded, Dwayne Johnson is with his newlywed bride in her native Hawaii.

The Rock and their newlywed bride Lauren have been together since 2007 and raised their two daughters, three-year-old Jasmine, and 15-month-old Tiara.

The two were scheduled to be married in 2018, but the marriage was postponed because of Lauren’s sudden pregnancy. On social networking site Instagram, The Rock shared photos of their wedding and revealed that they were tied to Lauren on August 18, 2019.

In these pictures, both The Rock and Lauren were seen in a happy and cheerful mood.

News of the sudden marriage of The Rock also left fans in awe, after which the newlywed couple began receiving greetings from fans and friends. Remember that The Rock and Lauren met during a film shoot in Boston.

Last month, Dwayne Johnson paid tribute to his colleague Lauren, noting that The Rock also has a daughter from his first wife, Danny Gracia, who is 18 years old.

It is worth mentioning here that eminent wrestler and Hollywood actor Dwayne Johnson alias ‘The Rock’ has also been named the highest-grossing actor in 2019. Dwayne Johnson made a steady position, leaving behind the rest of the entrepreneurs in one year.



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