Diary of a Kashmiri girl: ‘I am oppressed as a Kashmiri and as a human being’

Diary of a Kashmiri girl

Tasneem Shabnam, 28, is a scholar and is doing a PhD in English literature. SHe is a resident of old Srinagar. Following the change in the constitutional status of Indian-administered Kashmir, its inhabitants are subject to various restrictions and their contact with the outside world has become limited. In such a way, Tasnim Shabnam is penning the...

Kalbhushan Jadu will meet with Indian officials at the Foreign Office today

Kalbhushan Jadu will meet with Indian officials at the Foreign Office today

Foreign Office officials of Pakistan have confirmed that Kalbhushan Jadhav, an Indian intelligence detective convicted on charges of espionage, terrorism and sabotage, will meet with Indian officials on Monday in the Foreign Office. According to reporter Farhat Javed, officials say Indian diplomats will come to the Foreign Office for the meeting on Monday.

Jimmy Neesham offers to become father of Pakistani Pashto actress

Will you be the father of my children? Peshawar Pashto drama actress Sahar Shinwari became the subject of global media news when she posed for Kiwi cricketer Jimmy Nishim and received a very hilarious response. Let's talk about the most unpleasant experience I've had. "I think I've learned a lot...

The entire nation united with the Kashmiris; solidarity is being expressed today


Islamabad: On the announcement of Prime Minister Imran Khan, the entire nation will celebrate "Kashmir Hour" from 12 pm to 12 pm for solidarity with the oppressed Kashmiris. The main function of "Kashmir Hour" will be at the highway where Prime Minister Imran Khan will meet with MPs, Prime Minister will address students and...

Malcolm X’s Historical Hajj

Malcolm X's

It was April 13, 1964, when Malcolm X, a prominent American black leader, traveled to the Middle East. He returned home May 21. During this time, he traveled around Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, Nigeria, Ghana, Morocco, and Algeria and met with leaders and people there. Malcolm X's pilgrimage to the pilgrimage to Mecca was...

Nawaz Sharif’s health is bad.

Nawaz Sharif's health is bad

Nawaz Sharif's health is bad. Preparations to transfer former prime minister Nawaz Sharif to PIC Lahore - Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's health has disappeared. Media reports say that Nawaz Sharif is likely to be transferred from jail to PIC. A medical board has also been convened to treat Nawaz Sharif...

Floating swampy land can be a solution to water shortage in Pakistan

Floating swampy land

Floating swampy land in Pakistan. In the rural areas of Pakistan, it is common to see seawater, but these ponds hold their own unique secrets which are still hidden from view. These clumps of wastewater and the plants that grow in them can be a solution to a problem like water shortage in Pakistan....

10 historical events that seem fiction but are true

10 historical events

This is a wonderful place in the world we live in. The history of the world is filled with many wonderful events. Below we are going to tell you about some of the historical events that seem to be fiction, but they are true. Hollywood actress Wrestler Dwayne Johnson tied in marriage

Aamir Khan visits LOC to highlight Kashmir issue

Aamir Khan visits LoC to highlight Kashmir issue

Amir Khan Visits: Kashmiris have come to unite with the people, to become their voice on a global scale, to realize what is happening on the other side of the LOC. Muzaffarabad Pakistani-born British boxer Aamir Khan has reached the Line of Control (LOC) to highlight the Kashmir issue globally and express solidarity with...

Parey Hut Love: Something Beyond Appearance Beautifully

Parey Hut Love

The first thing you need to know about 'Parey Hut Love'. If you do not already know, it is from the famous English movie 'Four Weddings and A Funeral', 1994. Parey Hut Love Budget It received Oscar nominations for Best Film and Best Original...