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How much will Kohli have to wait to make the world record for ODI centuries?

How much will Kohli have to wait to make the world record for ODI centuries.

In the early days of One Day International, the highest international record for most centuries was in the name of Dennis Ames of England, with just four.

Then the world record came in the name of Pakistan’s Zaheer Abbas, who finished his ODI career with seven centuries and then, with Sir Vivian Richards, the world record came in 17 innings of West Indian opener Desmond Heinz.

India’s Sachin Tendulkar, who changed the world record from four to 17 centuries, made his name in such a way that nobody could think that another batsman would break that record.

When Sachin Tendulkar ended his ODI career with 49 centuries, he was asked if you think anyone could break the world record on which Tendulkar took two names, Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma. ۔

Virat Kohli has now reached the point where Sachin Tendulkar’s record has reached his peak. Virat Kohli has made 43 centuries, meaning that with just seven more centuries, he will become the highest scorer in ODIs.

When will this record be established?

India will host three one-day internationals against the West Indies this December. In January next year, the Australian team will play three one-day internationals in India. In February, the Indian team will play three one-day internationals in New Zealand and in March, the South African team will go to India for three one-day internationals.

In just four months, India will get 12 ODIs to play.

Virat Kohli, who has been making centuries in ODIs, looks to be nearing that record in these twelve matches.

Virat Kohli has made a century after every five innings, but his pace has been phenomenal over the past three years. In 2017 he made six centuries in 26 innings. He scored six centuries in 14 innings last year and has scored five centuries in 22 innings so far this year.

Compare Kohli to Tendulkar
Virat Kohli has scored 17 centuries and 24 half centuries in 100 matches while batting first in ODIs.

Batting first, Sachin Tendulkar made 32 centuries and 44 half centuries in 221 matches.

Virat Kohli’s record of batting at target is excellent.

He has scored 26 centuries and 30 half centuries in 139 matches, which is noteworthy that 22 of those 26 centuries are in matches in which India has achieved the target.

Sachin Tendulkar scored 17 centuries and 52 half centuries in 242 games while chasing the target, but Sachin Tendulkar had 14 centuries in the match.

The Virat Kohli captain has made 21 centuries in 80 matches so far. On the contrary, Sachin Tendulkar was able to make only six centuries in 73 matches of his captaincy.

It is interesting to note that like the one-dayers, the highest record in Test cricket is the world record of Sachin Tendulkar, who made 51 centuries, but the same cannot be said for sure about Virat Kohli. Will be able to break because they have only made half the journey in the Test matches so far.



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