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Investors decide to end the problems facing business visas

A few days ago the US businessman was not issued a visa, despite all the documents, removed the shift charge,

KARACHI: FIA Immigration Karachi has decided to eliminate the difficulties in obtaining business visas for investors coming from abroad and favorable environment for doing business in Pakistan under the federal government’s policy and directed the immigration staff. They should not use the delay in resorting to business visas.

According to details, after the issuance of the business visa facility to investors coming from overseas by the federal government, some officials of immigration Karachi were unnecessarily harassing foreign investors and their host businesses.

On which FIA Immigration (Arrival) Assistant Director-in-Charge Abdul Rauf Shaikh has removed the shift charge inspector Zarina Ishaq from her position.

And orders have been made to facilitate the acquisition of business visas so that the country can pave the way for foreign investment.

Abdul Rauf Sheikh told The Express that US businessman Nabil Panesa had arrived at Karachi airport a few days ago. However, the immigration staff did not issue a visa despite all legal documents provided by their host company.

And when the immigration authorities intervened in the matter, the relevant shift charge refused to issue a business visa to the American businessman, which took immediate disciplinary action against the shift charge.

He said that US businessmen are interested in investing more than the US $ 20 million in Pakistan.

And that was the purpose of his arrival in Pakistan, but the immigration staff had traditionally been using the delay in issuing a visa, he said, adding that the American businessman and his Pakistani company did not cooperate with the immigration staff. Has also written a complaint to



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