Home Tech It’s a secret that Facebook gathers what information you have

It’s a secret that Facebook gathers what information you have

It's a secret that Facebook gathers what information you have

Facebook is going to uncover the secret of what information (data) it collects from its users.

Many of us may not like what we see on Facebook.

A feature in Facebook Settings ‘Off Facebook Activities’ will now let you know about all the apps and websites that are sending your information to Facebook. Facebook uses the information it receives to better target ads to targeted users.

You will be able to clear your history on Facebook and be able to avoid having your off-app tapping in the future.

One move says the move will not impact Facebook’s profits much.

Currently, the work is progressing slowly and only Ireland, South Korea, and Spain have access. But eventually, it will be presented globally.

The move comes at a time when Apple and Mozilla have already taken steps to prevent users from tracking Facebook and other services using their browsers.

In addition, Germany’s Competitive Regulator had told the firm (Facebook) that it needed to restrict the process of collecting data about its members until it had more explicit consent from consumers. Don’t do as he is doing now.

Common interests

Facebook may also collect data beyond its platform, which may be because you have used a social media site (Facebook) to log in to an app.

Another major reason could be that a website uses an app called Facebook Pixel to track your activities.

That’s why when you browse a website to see a new shoe, you see an ad in your Facebook newsfeed just after half an hour in which you find out about this sophisticated pair of shoes. I am being told what you were looking for on the website a while back.

The Facebook Activation setting will give you the most accurate information about which apps or sites are sharing your information.

The off-site Facebook activity has been in the works for the past year and aims to fulfill the promise that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg made a year ago.

Facebook says a typical smartphone user has 80 apps and the user uses 40 of them monthly, so this list can belong.

You will then be able to disconnect data from your Facebook profile, either all data or individual. If you take advantage of this, it should mean that shoe advertising will stop following you on the Internet.

It is important that Facebook still collects your data, but now it will happen anonymously. They may find that many people are seeing footwear ads, but they may not know that they are yours.

The off-site Facebook activity has been in the works for the past year and aims to fulfill the promise Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg made at the F8 developer conference a year ago. The promise was about giving users greater control over data usage.

But how will consumers react to this feature and how will it impact Facebook’s advertising business?

I suspect that those who use it will be quite intimidated by the extent to which they are being tracked.

Facebook wrote in a blog expressing this new feature: ‘This is how most Internet functions’.

Stephanie Meeks, manager of the product, claims at a briefing that the reason for collecting data is to help consumers ‘discover the businesses they care about’.

If millions of users decide to break data while researching with this new feature, doing so can be harmful to Facebook and to other advertising companies.

Stephanie Max was asked how much of an impact would it be if 20% of users were to disconnect data?

His response was, ‘We did not guess it.’

He added that there is a lot of evidence that consumers value having a personalized experience and connecting users with the way Facebook currently works.

It seems strange that this new feature based on the principle of transparency has not worked to offset the difference in revenue, but the company may be justified in reflexing on the issue.

Facebook says a typical smartphone user has 80 apps and the user uses 40 of them monthly

It seems like finding the off-facebook feature in settings and then following it can be a good activity.

On the other hand, an Expert affiliate with Facebook’s advertising business says that it is making the process of reaching the desired customers less important.

Matt Morrison, planning director of marketing agency Digital Whiskey, says people in the advertising industry are slowly agreeing to target 23-year-old men in High Wycombe, who love mountain biking and sushi. Is not so effective.

“Advertising agencies are trying to tell their clients that they lower their expectations in terms of nano targeting,” he said.

‘When we use Facebook data we can easily create 20 nano target audiences. It was definitely a waste of time and money. ‘

The story of a few years ago was that social media advertising hit the target has gained prominence in ITV’s Coronation Street at an expensive advertising break.

Morrison says the pendulum is revolving now and Facebook’s ads are being appreciated for a wider reach. “Advertising has to create a broad consensus in the audience.”

So even if some Facebook users rebel against the constant tracking of their massive online activity, it is unlikely that advertising companies will abandon their advertising destination. ۔

It is worth noting that the two new ones where this new setting is being opened are in the European Union. Facebook can show EU regulators that it is giving consumers more control over their data, without harming their advertising revenue.



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