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Kashmir situation: US President Donald Trump contacts India, Pakistan PM, message on reducing Kashmir issue

Kashmir issue

US President Donald Trump says he has held talks with the Prime Ministers of India and Pakistan on the issue of Indian-administered Kashmir to alleviate recent tensions in the region.

In a tweet in his tweet, President Trump said, “(I) trade with my two good friends, Prime Minister of India Modi and Prime Minister of Pakistan, strategic partnerships and most importantly for the two countries, the Kashmir issue. Has talked about working to reduce stress. ‘

President Trump added, “It was a good conversation in a difficult situation.”

The Prime Minister’s Office in India tweeted that Prime Minister Modi’s phone conversation with President Trump lasted for 31 minutes, which discussed bilateral issues and the situation in the region.

In a discussion on the situation in the region, Prime Minister Modi informed President Trump that anti-India provocations by some leaders in the region were not conducive to peace, according to the Prime Minister’s Office.

“The Prime Minister (Modi) highlighted the importance of creating a terrorist and violence-free environment and eliminating cross-border terrorism without exception.”

In another tweet by the Indian PMO, Prime Minister Modi reiterated India’s commitment to cooperate with everyone on this path to tackle poverty, illiteracy and diseases. Prime Minister Modi also thanked President Trump for being in constant touch with him.

According to the news agency AFP, White House spokesman Hogan Gaddle had a conversation between President Trump and Prime Minister Modi that “the US president has called on both leaders to ease tensions between India and Pakistan and the region.” I spoke to the importance of maintaining peace. ‘

Earlier last night, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi had told media that Imran Khan had re-telephoned President Trump in which both leaders discussed the situation in the region.

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that during a talk at 10 pm on Monday, Prime Minister Imran Khan informed President Trump of the situation in the region because of Modi’s move and said that the Modi government’s August 5 side. The move has jeopardized the law and order of the region.

The Foreign Minister said that on Monday night, US President Donald Trump spoke to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said that peace in the region should be maintained and the US President also informed Prime Minister Imran Khan in this regard.

He added that Prime Minister Imran Khan had previously spoken to President Trump on August 16.



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