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Malcolm X’s Historical Hajj

Malcolm X's

It was April 13, 1964, when Malcolm X, a prominent American black leader, traveled to the Middle East. He returned home May 21. During this time, he traveled around Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, Nigeria, Ghana, Morocco, and Algeria and met with leaders and people there.

Malcolm X’s pilgrimage to the pilgrimage to Mecca was Hajj Mubarak. Even as his face changed, he became a completely different leader in the face of millions of Americans.

In the vicinity of the unjust

Malcolm X’s life is full of dramatic events and highs. The real name was Malcolm Little. Born May 19, 1925, in Omaha, Nebraska.

The father, Earl Little, was a local official of the Universal Negro Improvement Association, an organization designed to protect the rights of blacks. He also served as president of the organization in Omaha.

He also gave religious lectures in the local church. He is one of the founders of the American Civil Rights Movement. He used to do routine jobs in factories. White but hated them.

White youth believed that blacks were living in the city and taking away their jobs. That is why in the past, whites had beaten many black men and given peace.

This brutal act was the main weapon of American whites. Earl Little did not give a white eye to the white people who were struggling to bring rights to the city’s black families.

The famous White House outfit began to plot to assassinate Cochles Klein’s terrorist, Earl Little. Then in 1926, he moved to Wisconsin, the first state in Wisconsin, then to the state of Michigan, Along.

In this new city, racism was on the rise. Prejudiced whites created terrorist organizations to intimidate blacks and keep them enslaved. The “Black Legion” organization was the most powerful and influential among them.

In 1929, Black Legion terrorists burned down Earl Little’s house. Family members stay safe from time to time. White terror groups repeatedly attacked, but could not downplay Earl Little’s courage.

They persuaded black churches to fight for their rights in churches. They demanded that white American rulers be given civil and democratic rights to the black class as well. But for racists and extremist whites, this demand became a huge crime.

In 1931, the Black Legion terrorists boarded a car on Earl Little and killed him. If they did, how would their six children and wife live? For their financial support, Earl Little took out an insurance policy. But they forgot that Dhartha was also biased English by the insurance company.

He declared Earl Little’s death a suicide and refused to hand over the insurance money to the widow. Thus, even after the death of the black leader, the oppressive whites continued to persecute their families.

Mom went crazy

Earl Little’s widow, Louise Little, was a brave woman. She could have taken charity from the government or a social organization if she wanted to. Thus the expenses of the family would be met.

Malcolm X’s Parents

But Loyza’s autonomy did not imply that he should extend his hand to anyone. So she started looking for a job. But America was the victim of the “Great Depression.” Business and industrial activity had stalled.

Who would have employed the widow of a revolutionary black leader? Soon Lauza’s accumulated capital was gone. Now she had to bring food for the children from charities.

The costs of children, the fear of unemployment and poverty, and the humiliation of spreading a hand… all of these factors put a strain on Louise Little’s nervous and mental system. A few years later, she became stronger and had to enter a litter box.

Thanks to the facts, Malcolm X’s childhood did not last as much as a normal child. As soon as he became conscious, he was exposed to extraordinary factors such as violence, murder, persecution, poverty, and unemployment.

The love and affection of their parents did not last long. When her mother went crazy, she and her other siblings were handed over to black families so they could raise children.

Even Malcolm does not get enough food to fill his stomach. Hunger misleads older adults; Malcolm was a young boy then. They started stealing food from hotels and shops to extinguish the stomach fire.

One day the police arrested them. Malcolm was sent to juvenile jail. There, children were lost in the straight path.

How do you become a lawyer?

How do you become a lawyer?

During the family breakup, Malcolm X also attended new schools. So despite all the difficulties, his education continued. Surprisingly his educational performance was excellent.

They were successful in every party with good numbers. But when Malcolm was in eighth grade, ‘one incident changed the course of his life. All the white teachers in the class used to make fun of the black people.

Only three children, including Malcolm, were black in the group. Malcolm worked hard and became a class monitor with excellent numbers. On this outstanding performance, only a white teacher, Mr. Ostrowski, applauded Malcolm and encouraged him.

After some time, the subject of a career in the classroom was being discussed. When Malcolm’s turn came. So he said he wants to be a lawyer. Mr. Ostrovsky said “Hey boy, you are a nigger. Be realistic, just think, can you be a lawyer?”

This naturally hurt Malcolm. They realized that no matter how brilliant they performed, they could not find a place in American white society because they were black.

Malcolm X lost his education after the incident. That’s not it. They started hating whites even more. He had experienced many times that white people who appear to be well-educated are also racist and prejudiced.

These experiences made Malcolm an aggressor and a rebel in society. In 1941, he moved to Boston, where his sister lived. After a while, a drug dealer becomes their friend.

In a nightclub, he hired them to polish his shoes. While polishing the shoes, Malcolm realized that most customers were also seeking drugs. Soon they too became addicts.

In the world of crime

In 1943 Malcolm settled in the famous New York area of ​​Harlem, where blacks lived in large numbers. There he remained associated with drug trafficking, gambling, theft, prostitutes and other crimes. In 1945, Malcolm would again move to Boston, where a group of black thieves began to steal wealthy white families. But the following year, the police arrested him.

The trial went on and he was sentenced to ten years rigorous imprisonment. There was a risk that in prison there would be more convicts who would push the young Malcolm into the world of crime, but he was fortunate that he was arrested by his brother ‘Regalund Little’.

The case found a helper. Ragland would often visit his older brother. He was doing modest jobs and was usually very vocal. Malcolm tried to convince Regeland to step into the world but he refused.

He did not want to spoil his faith. Malcolm still had the pleasure of being good at crime. That is why he respected this gentle brother.

Rangeland told the brother that he had become a member of the ‘Nation of Islam’. He urged Malcolm to become a member of the organization. The organization was founded in the city of Diorite, Michigan, in the 1930s by a mysterious man, Wallace Person Mohammed.

The essence of his view was that all black Muslims in the United States are descendants of Muslims. Therefore, they should adopt their true religion, Islam. In 1934, Muhammad disappeared mysteriously.

His deputy, Elijah Muhammad, took over the leadership of the organization. Elijah made the Nation of Islam a racist organization. His views were that whites are the offspring of the devil while blacks are the most superior offspring.

This organization wanted to make black people a powerful group in America. However, the views of Elijah Muhammad contradicted Islamic teachings. Therefore, to the general Muslims, the Nation of Islam became a misguided Islamic organization.

Nonetheless, the organization has certain Islamic characteristics. For example, do not eat pork, do not ‘intoxicate’, lead a righteous life and worship one God.

The Nation of Islam

Malcolm had doubled after becoming a criminal. They began to view religion as a waste. But with the efforts of Ragland Little, Malcolm began to wonder why he was living such a dirty life? What was the purpose of his coming into the world? That same thought attracted them to the books.

There was a large library in the jail. Now Malcolm passed through the night and day. He read hundreds of books in a short period of time. In the same way, Malcolm became reunited with the world of education. In the late 1948 Malcolm became affiliated with the Nation of Islam.

No longer making money, giving rights to American blacks has become the mission of life. They wanted to make the ‘weak and helpless black educated’ powerful and influential in American society. His father had the same desire. In the same way, Malcolm went the wrong way and left for a better path.

At that time, various black leaders throughout the United States were actively involved in bringing the rights of millions of blacks. Then two of them were working together. The first author believed in the black philosophy of non-violence. They believed that through peaceful demonstrations, the demands of the white rulers could be approved.

Martin Luther King later emerged as the leader of the same group. On the other side, black leaders believed that power should also be used in the fight for rights so that the majority of white people would get out of the dark. Is a weak and helpless nation.

In the United States, Malcolm X later emerged as the most famous black leader in this process. He got rid of the last letter of his name and wrote X in its place. Malcolm said that the white master had called his grandfather a “little”. They destroyed this monument of slavery.

In fact, from childhood to adolescence, Malcolm was persecuted by the white majority. Bitter experiences made him an aggressive leader. He continued to make theoretical interpretations of the use of force in his struggle to gain rights through his speeches and writings. His following sayings became very famous in this regard:

  • Nowhere in our book, the Qur’an does it write that we should suffer peacefully. Our religion urges us to be sensible.
  • When it comes to war as a defense, I name it not violence.
  • Be peaceful, be decent, respect the law, respect everyone. But if someone puts a hand on your kid, take him to the graveyard.
  • If you make another cheek, remember, you will be enslaved for a thousand years.
  • If nonviolence means that the problems and problems of the American black people are not resolved, then I support violence.
  • Dr. Martin Luther King wants to bring black people to the restaurant with the same white people who have been oppressing us for the past four hundred years.

Malcolm X was released from prison in August 1952. He then began promoting the ideas of the Nation of Islam throughout the United States.

The aim was to make American black people aware of their rights and duties and to make them respectable and independent citizens. Malcolm was a master of charm. Always wear clean clothes.

The dedication to the purpose made them passionate. Most importantly, Malcolm lent his tongue to the oppressive whites in the breasts of the poor and the black. That’s why he became a popular leader among ordinary blacks.

The charismatic personality of the young leader is honored that blacks have joined the Nation of Islam in large numbers. In 1952 the number of members of the organization was one thousand.

Because of Malcolm’s vibrant activities, she reached the age of sixty thousand in the next ten years. The organization established mosques in several cities. Famous boxer Mohammed Ali also became a member of the Nation of Islam, influenced by Malcolm X’s speeches and personality.

Malcolm X has gradually turned to extremism. He said that if whites do not give rights to black people, they should raise a gun. Malcolm then announced a separate state for blacks in the United States.

American print and electronic media has conducted several interviews with Malcolm and thus became a known black leader in the United States. His views were strongly favored by black Americans based in North and West America who had been victims of white-majority oppression for centuries.

He said Malcolm could never reach his destination by adopting violent methods. Malcolm in response called them white supremacist activists who were fulfilling the interests of the rulers.

In the eyes of the government, Malcolm X became a dangerous black leader who could even take up arms against the state when needed. That’s why the FBI, the US intelligence agency, began tracking Malcolm’s movements.

Hajj departure

Malcolm X was struggling to achieve his goal, with unique obstacles in his path. It happened that he had a confrontation with the head of the Nation of Islam, Uleja Muhammad. By 1962, Malcolm X had become the organization’s most popular leader.

Seeing their fame, Alijah became envious of Muhammad Malcolm. He also felt the threat that Malcolm could become head of the organization. That is why he began to restrict Malcolm’s activities.

At that time Malcolm revealed that Elijah was a wonderful man. He had developed illicit relations with his secretaries. As a result of the relationship, the offspring also gave birth.

When Malcolm learned this fact, he was shocked. He joined the Nation of Islam because the organization urged every member to embrace all good practices and embrace goodness. Keep away from sins and do good works.

Because of these ideas, Malcolm overcame his addiction and even started doing good deeds. The Islamic teachings contained in the ideology of the organization made them spiritually and physically clean.

The plank he had carved out of his Ideal has collapsed. On March 8, 1964, Malcolm declared separation from the Nation of Islam.

During the past two or three years, Muslims from Egypt, Libya, Sudan, etc. have become acquainted with Black Malcolm X. He informed Malcolm of the Sunni teachings he liked.

Now he wanted to go to Muslim countries to find out more about Islam. That’s why they decided to go to the Middle East next month. Malcolm X first arrived in Cairo.

From there they had to catch a flight to Jeddah. At the airport, he realized the importance of equality, brotherhood and mutual love in the religion of Islam. Thousands of pilgrims from several European countries and African countries were arriving in Cairo airport to fly to Jeddah.

They were black and the whites were ugly and pretty, poor and rich too… but everyone got together and started talking respectfully. This outlook boosted Malcolm X. In one of his letters to Begum, he wrote: “The airport is full of pilgrims.

They include black people, whites, wheat, but I don’t see any tension and hatred. The atmosphere of warmth and friendliness are prominent. It was then that I realized that there was no difference in color or race. It made me feel as if I had come out of the prison and into the open air. “

Malcolm, like other pilgrims in Cairo, performed the ihram. They took off their trademark coat pants and wore white robes consisting of two garments.

Thousands of people were gathered at the airport and everyone was wearing white robes, he writes in the letter. Now no one could know whether the other person is a king or a poor man.

”The fellow pilgrims told the American Black Leader that all Muslims are equal before Allah. Then only piety creates a distinction between them. Malcolm X found a much larger crowd of pilgrims in the capital.

It included men of every color, race, size, and status. The observations and experiences before and after the Hajj changed the mindset of the American black leader.

Above all, the true Islamic teachings made them a valuable and moderate Muslim, rather than an extremist human being. He wrote in one of his letters:

“It is very important for America to understand Islam. It is the only religion that discriminates against the poor and the rich. I realize now that white people are not, in essence, the devil, but the racial pressure of American society forces them to commit demonic acts. “

During this Hajj Malcolm saw the practical demonstration that Islam unites Muslims of every color, race, language, and class. They found black, white whites eating from a single vessel.

In the United States, whites created separate spaces for black people in every hotel. Blacks could eat only in those places. Even in hotels, black people drink water from different places.

It was also shown to Malcolm that all pilgrims were using one another’s things and no expression showed disappointment or frustration.

The mutual respect and love were at its peak. Only Islamic teachings filled with love, acceptance and humanity’s highest sentiments eroded the hatred and enmity of Malcolm X’s heart and mind.

He is now an adult and a true person. Pucca became a Muslim who could distinguish between false and true. That is why, when Malcolm X arrived in the United States in May 1964, he was a very different man. The same pilgrimage had transformed his body.

Testimony status found

Now Malcolm is ready to go with the Civil Rights Movement. He stopped criticizing Martin Luther King and other black leaders. Conscientious whites also raised a hand of friendship so that they could end racial prejudice and hatred of American society.

This segment has always wanted to maintain white supremacy in America. Leaders of the civil rights movement welcomed the change at Malcolm X. In fact, Malcolm was very popular among the ordinary blacks because they roared, roared, on the white establishment without fear.

So the leaders were convinced that Malcolm’s involvement would make the civil rights movement more powerful and effective. Even ordinary blacks will rise up to take part in the activities.

James Baldwin, the famed Black novelist, said, “Only Malcolm X understands the pain of black people. He describes the truth without fear. “

American blacks believed that Malcolm X would play an effective role in the struggle for rights, but the assassins killed him at a young age. On February 21, 1965 Malcolm was addressing a ceremony that the assailants shot and killed him. They already knew their testimony.

That is why they often used to carry guns and watch their families. Malcolm was convinced that he had become a threat to the US establishment. Eventually, he removed them.

Malcolm X’s blood did not go down and the civil rights movement in the United States accelerated. Martin Luther King was also assassinated in 1968. That year, the US rulers were forced to pass the Civil Rights Act. Thus the 14-year-old movement successfully reached its conclusion.

Malcolm X and Martin Luther had to sacrifice their lives for this success. Although leaders in White America, such as President Trump, believe in white supremacy, continue to carry out verbal and physical attacks on blacks.

Hajj Mubarak had made Shaheed Malcolm X the leader and intellectual of global foundations. Had he lived, the Ummah would have been trying for unity. But alas, unjust colonists took their lives.

Malcolm wrote his own diary with the help of the famous journalist and writer, Alex Halley, who wrote “The Roots”. This lesson is a book full of exciting, exciting and exciting events. In 1998, The Magazine of Time included Malcolm X’s Betty in the Top 10 Most influential books of the twentieth century.

This book reveals why Islamic teachings, and especially Hajj Mubarak, made an extremist and violent black leader a man of modest temperament and understanding. Lucky for those who are guided by Hajj Allaah says in Surah Al-Baqarah Ayat 200-201: “When members perform Hajj, remember Allah.

Then some say: Lord, give us (good) in this world and in the Hereafter.” Do not have any part of them. And he is the (Muslim) who says, ‘My Lord, give us good in this world, in the Hereafter and save us from the fire of Hell.’ “

Malcolm Xs said

  • Do not consider the difficulty and obstacle your enemy Every defeat, every tragedy, every loss has its lesson, with which man can improve himself.
  • Education is the passport of the future. The future belongs to those who prepare today.
  • A person who does not stand up for a purpose will drop even the slightest thing.
  • If you are not a critic, understand that you cannot succeed.
  • An intelligent clown can be, but a clown never becomes an intellectual.
  • History is like the memory of mankind and without memory, man becomes an animal.
  • If you have a gun, I should too. If you are a dog, I too should have a right to be a pet. If you have a stick, then I should too. This is called equality.
  • The whites have to decide whether they want to bullet or vote.
  • My mother is a knowledgeable book, a good library… I can spend all my life studying to satisfy my curiosity.
  • Being guilty is not a shame, it is disgraceful to be guilty.
  • Non-violence is good as long as it works.
  • the power never shifts back, it just demands more power.


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