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Jazz Monthly All Rounder Package

Description With the Monthly Data All Rounder Offer you can make All-net calls, send SMS and surf the...

Jazz Super Duper Card

Description Jazz brings its Jazz Super Duper Card that comes with 2000 monthly on-net minutes, 150 off-net minutes,...

Jazz Daily Data Bundle (Peak-Off Peak)

Description Now enjoy Jazz Super 4G Internet with Jazz Daily Data Bundle Offer, Use 100 MBs throughout a...

Telenor 4G 3 Month Bundle (Device Only)

Description With Telenor 4G 3 Month Bundle, get 108 GB for 90 days in Rs. 4000 (incl. Tax).

Telenor djuice All In One Offer

Description Get Rs.75 balance along with 500MB of 4G internet data with Telenor djuice All In One Offer.

Telenor 3 Din Sahulat Package

Description Telenor 3 Din Sahulat Offer provides you complete usage solution for three days, just subscribe once and...

Telenor 3 Day (3/3) Mini Budget Package

Description The Telenor 3/3 Offer gives you amazing call, SMS and internet rates with just one subscription.

Telenor 4G 3 Day Package

Description With this new 3 day 4G package, you can enjoy 200MBs of mobile internet from Telenor.

Telenor Super 3 Package

Description Telenor brings you everything you need to stay in touch with your loved ones with one Super...

Telenor djuice 3 Day Onnet Offer

Description Get 250 on-net minutes, 500 sms and 15 MB of  3G data in affordable rate with  djuice...

Telenor 3 Day Voice Offer

Description Telenor 3 Day Voice Offer brings 600 on-net minutes and 50 MB of Data in Rs. 36...

Telenor 3 Days All in One Offer

Description Now you can get 150 telenor on-net minutes, 15 off-net minutes, 150 sms and 150MB of Data...

Telenor djuice 15 Day Messaging Bundle

Description With djuice 15 Day Messaging Bundle, you can get 3500 SMS and 200MB data for whatsapp in...

Telenor 3 Day Super Hit Package

Description Make unlimited FREE on-net calls to your friends and family with the Telenor Superhit Offer.

Telenor djuice 3 Day 3 Ka Scene Offer

Description Telenor djuice 3 Day 3 Ka Scene Offer provides unlimited free calls to your FNF numbers, 50MB...

Telenor 3 Day Din Bhar Package

Description Make unlimited calls to any Telenor number for 3 Days from 6 AM to 6 PM.

Telenor 15 Days SMS Package

Description Activate the 15 Day Economy SMS Bundle and stay connected with friends and loved ones.

Telenor 15 Day Economy SMS Bundle

Description Enjoy 800 SMS with Telenor 15 Day Economy SMS Bundle and stay connected with friends and family.

Telenor 5 Day SMS Package

Description The Telenor 5 Day SMS Bundle is perfect for you to message you friends and loved ones.

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