Home News Nawaz Sharif’s health is bad.

Nawaz Sharif’s health is bad.

Nawaz Sharif's health is bad

Nawaz Sharif’s health is bad. Preparations to transfer former prime minister Nawaz Sharif to PIC

Lahore – Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s health has disappeared. Media reports say that Nawaz Sharif is likely to be transferred from jail to PIC.

A medical board has also been convened to treat Nawaz Sharif in PIC.

Yesterday, Dr. Adnan sent a letter to Nawaz Sharif to the Chief Secretary to provide medical services. Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s personal physician, Dr. Adnan, who was imprisoned in the Central Jail Kot Lakhpat, received special treatment for Nawaz Sharif on behalf of two government hospitals.

Expressing concern over the refusal to provide ambulance equipped with facilities and demand for providing medical facilities to Nawaz Sharif from Punjab, the Chief Secretary re-sent the letter to Punjab.

Nawaz Sharif's nature is bad.

The letter written by Dr. Adnan said that the Punjab Institute of Cardiology and Services Institute of Medical Sciences refused to provide an ambulance for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

An ambulance delivery letter, which was rejected, has been provided to ambulance VVIPs, foreign delegations, members of the Punjab Assembly, honorable judiciary members and their families.

Nawaz Sharif needs special 24-hour medical care. This news reinforced my fears that Nawaz Sharif could not be provided with proper medical facilities inside the jail.

According to the government, Nawaz Sharif’s treatment is possible at the jail hospital, Nawaz Sharif suffers from a variety of diseases including cardiac and kidney diseases.

Obstacles are a violation of the fundamental constitutional rights of their lives, dignity and equality. Student conclusions calling to provide adequate treatment facilities for former prime minister.



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