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Priyanka Chopra’s reply to actress Mahesh Hayat: ‘Is nationalism important or is peace justified?’

Mahesh Hayat
Mahesh did not scold anyone and did not chant the slogan of Pakistan, nor did he try to humiliate anyone like Priyanka.

Priyanka Chopra, UNICEF ambassador for peace and actress, is currently garnering praise on social media in India, but users in other countries around the world have also criticized her recent behavior.

Some people did not like her attitude with Aisha Malik, a Pakistani woman during a ceremony in Los Angeles. During military tensions with Pakistan in January, Priyanka took to Twitter to chant the Indian Army’s slogan, Jay-Hind.

Ayesha Malik questioned Priyanka’s reference to the same tweet on which Priyanka appeared to be disgusted but, asserting herself, she said that we have to walk a middle path and that she is also a patriot.

In India, Priyanka is not the only victim of ‘patriotism or nationalism’. In fact, India needs to be ‘patriotic or nationalistic’ and fashionable as it is now a question of survival and success ladder in the Modi government.

Some people question the question as to whether Priyanka has damaged the reputation of the organization by damaging UNICEF’s core values.

Pakistani actress Mahesh Hayat has given a lovely answer to Priyanka’s “patriotism”. Mahesh neither scolded nor chanted Pakistan livelihoods nor tried to demean anyone like Priyanka, as he did with Aisha.

During a ceremony in Norway, Mahesh appealed to the film industry’s responsibilities and industry to work in a positive way, in a very dignified and dignified manner.

“The film industry is under heavy responsibility because cinema is a powerful tool that has the power to change people’s minds, minds, and attitudes, and it should be used wisely. Instead of presenting any country negatively in films, its good aspects and qualities should be portrayed. ‘

As a UN goodwill ambassador to the United Nations, Priyanka was expected to deliver a message of humanitarian and neutrality to the world.

Mahesh said that Bollywood has always tried to show Pakistan in the wrong light in its films. He said it was difficult but not impossible to remain neutral in the background of the shared history, politics and mentality of the two countries. Mahesh said he has to decide whether nationalism is important or a peaceful future.

Mahesh’s phrase is very deep in what is more important in the future of nationalism and peaceful future but in India at present Pakistan is buzzing and many artists or philosophers are trying their best to rise in the eyes of the government by playing Pakistan.

And now the actress, who passed away this week at the age of seventy-two, after traveling anonymously from fame.

Today’s generation hardly knows the actress Diana Sinha, but in the seventies, a simple and ordinary-looking girl made her a special place by doing films like Patti Patin and she, Rajini Gandha and Little Things.

Not long after the films disappeared, Vidya returned from TV serials and her most recent TV serial was Kulfi Kumar Bajwale.



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