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Robot Pilot Gets First Aircraft Control License


The first complete robot mounted on the Cessna aircraft can be seen in the picture, which has also been given a regular license. Photo: Courtesy DGYN Technologies

California: For the first time in the world, a robot has obtained a regular flight control license. But remember that this is not software, but an ordinary human-like robot for which a pilot set has been extracted and this robot was installed there.

It is not a software but a regular robot that is like a robot auto pilot. Its full name is the ‘Robo Pilot in Mind Aircraft Conversion System’, which regularly presses the aircraft’s pedal with its artificial legs and controls its sticks by hand. With his computerized visual system, he looks at and understands the aircraft’s dial, meta-radiography.

The robot takes off the aircraft, travels according to the flight plan, and can land safely on the ground without human assistance. For this the human pilot has been removed and the entire robot is placed on it. Experts deployed the robot on an airplane and after its successful flight, it passed the Federal Aviation Administration Practical Test. The robot completes its first flight August 9 in the US state of Utah. But even before that the robot had gone through an accident.

Robot Pilot Gets First Aircraft Control License

It can also be seen in the image above that the initial flight has been made by installing a robot pilot on a 1968 Cessna 206 aircraft. This system was developed by the DGYN Technologies company, which makes any aircraft automatic. Earlier, the US Department of Defense and South Korea have made such robot pilots, but no one can compete with a robot.

According to the company, robotic pilots can carry luggage, risk and spying. Currently this robot is not capable of being tested for human flights.



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