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Sami Chaudhry’s column: ‘Another Javed is gone’

Sami Chaudhry's column:

Six years ago today, the day of June 24, 2013, will still be etched in Mickey Arthur’s mind. It was a day when Australian cricket suffered a benign accident.

The Australian team, who played the Ashes in England, suddenly dropped their coach Mikey Arthur two weeks before the series began.

Reuters news agency summarized the news, saying, ‘The Australian Cricket Board has dismissed coach Mike MacArthur two weeks before the Ashes start. (This decision) has been caused by frequent bad results and numerous discipline issues. ‘

Mikey Arthur’s greatest achievement in coaching profile was coaching South Africa, who became the number one Test team under his leadership.

But when South Africa ousted him, there were some similar issues and disagreements with then-captain Graeme Smith.

But the problem with the news is that they get flooded with information very quickly. That may have been the reason why when Australia selected Mikey Arthur to coach their national cricket team, nobody bothered to think why South Africa had finally ousted him.

When the Pakistan Cricket Board decided to hold off their home team’s teammate Mikey Arthur after the 2016 T20 World Cup, no one has ever tried to consider Australia and South Africa such a fantastic coach.

Why did it have to be removed? And otherwise, it wouldn’t have been asked by Shane Watson or Mitchell Starc.

But perhaps the PCB wanted to learn from their experience rather than talk of ‘Sunny Sun’.

Mikey Arthur’s three-year tenure with PCB proved to be an experience. When he assumed this responsibility, he would often smile and laugh in the early days.

The media, which has always been supportive of Navard coaches, also supported them.

Since Mikey was new, so did the captain and team. Misbah’s six-year hard work was in the ring and Pakistan were to draw a Test series from England in July 2016.

A month later, Pakistan became the first Test champion. The free credit also goes to Mikey Arthur.

But after that Mikey Arthur’s period of coaching began in which he often appeared in the dressing room and repeated remarkable words.

Australia also dismissed Mikey Arthur for poor performance

Whether the team wins or is headed for defeat, in both cases, Mackey Arthur was credited with TV cameras that broadcast his ‘tele-junk’ impressions with great skill and timing.

Mickey Arthur had his own role in this skill. During a PSL match, during a strategic timeout team meeting, he was sitting on the Karachi Kings’ players that they suddenly saw his face on the screen in the ‘close shot’, and then Sohail Khan was shamed.

Sohail Khan has not been part of the national team since then.

The era of Mikey Arthur’s coaching began in which he often appeared to be furious

The statistics can only tell how many tests or how many ODIs the Pakistan cricket team has won under the guidance of Mikey Arthur, but in light of the impact they have left on the dressing room culture, it is not difficult to estimate.

How will the players react to this news?

However, Mikey is particularly fortunate in this case that in any coaching term, from South Africa to Pakistan, he has never had the need to share his cricketing experience and knowledge, and teams continue to win by the individual efforts of the players.

Pakistan won the Champions Trophy in 2017 under Mackey Arthur

The tragedy has also been that when the individual efforts of the players began to decline in the three teams, differences in the dressing room, gossip and discipline problems started to arise, and finally the talk ended with the removal of Mikey Arthur.

In the case of Pakistan, however, Mikey was fortunate that he was not sacked here, but rather extended the contract and apologized. Perhaps the two sides have learned their own lesson.

Now the next decision is for the PCB to bring in coaches with TV cameras like Javed Miandad and Mikey Arthur, or full coaches like Bob Woolmer and Andy Flower.



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