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‘Save Spiderman’: The role of Marvel Comics does not appear in the films after the Disney, Sony Pictures deal is terminated.

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Fans of Hollywood actor Tom Holland, who is known for his Spider-Man role and other fans of the movie world connected to the Marvel comics, are protesting on social media today.

Because of this, Disney Studios decides not to use Spiderman’s character in more films. Reportedly, Sony Pictures and Disney could not reach an agreement on all rights to the role.

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What’s wrong with Spiderman?

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This matter is quite complicated.

Spider-Man was originally created by Marvel Comics, but in 1999 Sony Pictures bought the rights to make its films.

Sony has released five films based on this character so far: three played by the lead character Toby Maguire and two by actor Andrew Garfield.

The 2015 agreement between Sony and Disney made it possible for Spider-Man to join Marvel’s famous series ‘Avengers’.

Under this deal Disney gets a share of every Spider-Man movie.

Spider-Man has appeared in five Marvel movies so far:

Captain America: Civil War
Spider-Man: Homecoming
Avengers: Infinity War
Avengers: End Game
Spider-Man: For Home
Actress Jeremy Renner, who plays ‘Hawk Eye’ in the Avengers films, also called for Spider-Man’s return on his social media!

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Sony is hopeful that things can change in the future, but fans are not happy with the situation.

There are currently trends related to this movie around the world.

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Some users tried to reflect the views of Spider-Man’s late creator Stan Lee.

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Some thought that doing something with a character after creating a place in our hearts is unfair.

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Some people have reminded that Sony Pictures has done the same with two Spider-Man actors before.

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However, some people did not give up hope.

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