Home Life Style Shah Rukh Khan’s response to Pakistan Army making an anti-Pakistan film

Shah Rukh Khan’s response to Pakistan Army making an anti-Pakistan film

Shah Rukh Khan's response to Pakistan Army making anti-Pakistan film

Rawalpindi: Spokeswoman Pak Army Major General Asif Ghafoor has responded to Shah Rukh Khan’s mirror by making anti-Pakistan Netflix web series and showing Muslim Pakistanis a terrorist.

Yesterday, Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan released the trailer for the web series “Board of Blood” for the online streaming company Netflix on Twitter.

The story of this series revolves around an agent of RAW, sent for a secret mission in Pakistan. The role is played by Bollywood actor Imran Hashmi, who is tasked with releasing more of his agents from Pakistan.

The trailer depicts Pakistan as a terrorist and mischief-maker. Where Pakistanis are being criticized for making Shah Rukh Khan an anti-Pakistan web series, Pakistan Army spokesman Major General Asif Ghafoor on his personal Twitter account made Shah Rukh Khan aware of the fact that he has produced anti-Pakistan and anti-Muslim series.

And the mirror shows that Shah Rukh Khan is suffering from Bollywood. While in fact “Ra” agent Detective Kalbhushan Jadhav, the wing commander, now look at Nandan and the February 27, 2019 response from Pakistan to India.

Speaking to Shah Rukh Khan, spokesman of the Pakistan Army, said that you could promote peace and humanity by raising a voice against the atrocities in occupied Kashmir and the Hindu Tawas and the RSS’s Nazism. “

It should be noted that this web series for Netflix is based on the book by Indian novelist Bilal Siddiqui.

According to the story shown in the trailer, few Indian spies in Balochistan are caught before the important information is sent to India.

They are sent to Pakistan by another Indian detective, Kabir Anand (Imran Hashmi).



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