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Showbiz Diary: Is it guaranteed that Mika won’t do shows again in Pakistan?

mika singh

Mika Singh invites calamities such as performing in Pakistan. Now the poor are worried about asking for forgiveness.

Mika Singh had to publicly apologize at a press conference with employees of India’s Sun Employees on Thursday.

Mika was repeatedly praising the Indian Sun Employees who were there, saying, ‘Brother, you are a great guest. Forgive me for being wrong. In this way, some patriotic journalists are said to be ashamed of me. Also, try.

At first, Mika Singh also apologized for answering questions with great enthusiasm, but as the same questions continued to come up, Mika became angry with journalists and raised the question that when Sonu Nigam performs with Atif Aslam, Why not questions and why not ask questions when Neha Kakar performs shows with Pakistani artists.

Mika’s apology seems not to have had much effect since Ashok Pandit, the organization’s chief counsel after the press conference, said that he was not convinced of Mika’s apology to the public and said it was in a way but tears of fish. Is it guaranteed that they will not do the show again in Pakistan?

Whatever the case, Mika Singh is currently trapped. Whether Modi is suddenly invited to be a guest at Nawaz Sharif’s marriage, or whether Sonu Nigam shows up with Atif Aslam, the only difference is that Mika Singh was standing at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Priyanka’s ‘Neutrality’

As a UN goodwill ambassador to the United Nations, Priyanka was expected to deliver a message of humanitarian and neutrality to the world.

Priyanka Chopra is also discussing the topic with Pakistan today.

Pakistan’s Minister for Human Rights Shireen Mazari has written to UNICEF to remove Priyanka Chopra from the position of UNICEF World Ambassador for Peace and Wellbeing.

Nothing can be said about what the organization will decide, but its affiliates or its ambassadors are expected to take a cautious approach when dealing with any country’s situation or relations or sensitive issues. Try to be neutral.

Priyanka is said to have been unable to demonstrate her neutrality.

Anushka’s ‘Happy Tweets’

Actress Anushka Sharma believes that good news and positive things can be done in this era of trolls and negative news on social media.

Anushka, who is also a producer and animal rights activist, shared a video on social media entitled ‘Hashtag Happy Tweets.’

In this video, Anushka is reading the good tweets from people.

He says the project, called ‘Low and Light’, aims to connect people in a positive way and not create a negative environment.

The internet is said to be a negative media, but Anushka believes that through this digital media the world has become smaller and people around the world have come closer to each other.

Social media has the power to influence young people, society and culture, so why not use it for the betterment and talk positively on social media.



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