Home News Soon India will have 8 states free. Khadija Farooqi

Soon India will have 8 states free. Khadija Farooqi

Khadija Farooqi

Due to the patriotic genius army, 21 million people are committed. President Muslim League Women Women Punjab

Lahore: PML-Q Women Women Punjab Provincial Assembly Khadija Omar Farooqi has said that if India makes a mistake in the attack, it will get a backlash.

Pakistan’s patriotic armed forces and people are standing shoulder to shoulder with the flowing Kashmir. No blood will be shed, Gakashmir will also be free and India will be fragmented.

Extremist Narendra Modi and terror RSS together have laid the foundation for India’s destruction, Narendra Modi has said that the trouble is nuclear. Country Pakistan is raising the issue of freedom of people of Kashmir all over the world.

He expressed these views while talking to women officials in the Muslim League House.

Khadija Omar Farooqi said that Kashmir is our brother and Kashmir is a martyr. There is no question of leaving it. India washed away from Nagaland very soon. The remaining six states, including Kashmir, will declare independence. Can’t save

He said that if Pakistan had been better than Modi, Modi would have attacked Pakistan by now. He knows that the reaction of the nuclear country to Pakistan will be very severe.

He said that if every attempt was made to endanger security, then every citizen of Pakistan would join forces. He added that 21 million people are trusted because of the patriotic genius army.



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