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Suspension of Pak-India trade impacts pharmaceutical preparations

Pakistan Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Association letter to the federal government, many important medicines cannot be manufactured in the country

KARACHI: The suspension of trade of Pak-India trade has affected the manufacture of medicines as 60% of the raw materials used in pharmaceuticals manufactured in Pakistan are imported from India which can no longer be imported.

After the tension in India-occupied Kashmir, the government of Pakistan has banned trade with India.

The ban was imposed on August 9 following a notification by the government of Pakistan, on which the Pakistan Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Association wrote to the government expressing its serious concerns.

It states that Pakistan supplies 60% of its raw material from India, which is used in pharmaceuticals made in Pakistan. After the ban by the government, the country will be facing a shortage of medicines because of the large number of immunizations including various medicines from India.

Prior to the ban, most manufacturers of Pakistan had also ordered raw materials from India which were suspended, the Pakistan Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Association has told the federal government in a letter dated August 16, 2019.

The Pakistan-India trade embargo will have a negative impact on the health sector, and various health medicines and vaccines imported from India into the country will disappear, which will adversely affect the health of the sector and may increase the patients’ problems.

 The Pharma Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Association expressed concern in its letter, saying that the recently imported drugs and raw materials from India were stopped by the federal government before reaching Pakistan and it was re-India because of LC. sent.

In view of this situation, these medicines will have to be re-imported, which will increase their prices several times, besides creating a crisis of essential medicines which will save the country and cause the serious crisis to the pharma industry.

Will have to face a downturn, which will lead to the inevitable increase in drug prices. He further said that the industry is already in crisis due to the increase in the prices of dollars, raw materials, electricity, and gas.

If the federal government does not review the issue, there will be no alternative to the shortage of medicines and raising prices.



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