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Taliban spokesman Sohail Shaheen: There is a possibility of signing a peace agreement in a few days


Sohail Shaheen, the spokesman for the Taliban’s political office in Qatar, has said that if the talks between the United States and the Taliban continue, the peace agreement is likely to be signed in a few days.

In an interview to the BBC in Doha, Sohail Shaheen said talks were progressing and we were discussing the final points.

“We hope those points will be resolved in a few days,” he said. Can’t say with certainty that all points will be resolved but hopefully. ‘

Responding to a question about the points being discussed, the Taliban spokesman said that because talks were taking place, he could not say, but he could say ‘all the points about the timeline and implementation. I am. ‘

Referring to the concerns raised by Afghan citizens, especially women, regarding the Taliban, the Taliban spokesman said that the Taliban would give women basic rights, including the right to education, the right to work and the right to trade.

Regarding Pakistan’s role in peace negotiations, he said that he was negotiating freely with the United States but appreciated the role of other countries in negotiations.

Referring to the departure of women without a mahram in Afghanistan, Sohail Shaheen said that he had told them at a Moscow conference and that Shaikh Dilawar, a member of the Taliban team and renowned scholar in Doha, had explained this.

He said that all rights given to women in Islam will be given to women.

Invitation from Pakistan

He said that a written invitation has not been received from Pakistan and his delegation will visit Pakistan whenever the invitation is received.

It may be recalled that Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan had said on a recent visit to the United States that he would meet the Taliban when he returned to Pakistan so that he would be ready for talks with the Afghan government.

The Afghan Taliban has been accused several times in the past of supporting Pakistan. However, recently Pakistan has repeatedly said that they have no influence on the Taliban as in the past.



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