Home News The entire nation united with the Kashmiris; solidarity is being expressed today

The entire nation united with the Kashmiris; solidarity is being expressed today


Islamabad: On the announcement of Prime Minister Imran Khan, the entire nation will celebrate “Kashmir Hour” from 12 pm to 12 pm for solidarity with the oppressed Kashmiris.

The main function of “Kashmir Hour” will be at the highway where Prime Minister Imran Khan will meet with MPs, Prime Minister will address students and youth on the lawn of Parliament House.

The siren will be sounded at 12 o’clock today throughout the country. According to the official program, at 12 o’clock in the day, the traffic signals will turn red on all the highways of the federal capital and the anthem will be read along with the national anthem.

Government employees will leave the offices and express solidarity with Kashmiris. Federal Ministers and PTI leaders will also meet in D Chowk.

On the other hand, the government has also delayed a joint session of parliament convened at the beginning of the parliamentary year in the National Assembly. According to the official program, protests will be held at specific places in all districts across the country.

The task has been assigned to the deputy commissioners to determine the place for the protest.

The national flag of Pakistan-administered Kashmir is hoisted across the country today.

On the direction of the Prime Minister, public representatives will lead the protests in their constituencies while civil society and students have also been invited for the protest.

Operational issues at all airports across the country will be partially suspended for half an hour. Protests will be held at the airport headquarters, the Aviation Division, the PIA and the Civil Aviation Authority’s central and regional offices.

The Punjab government has also issued a plan for a “Kashmir Mobilization Campaign” program in full support of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s declaration of solidarity with Kashmiris. Regular circular and expressive solidarity procedures have been introduced in this regard.

The circular states that the whole nation will be in the streets, streets from 12am till 12:30 pm. The day will be a national anthem from 12 noon to 3 minutes, from 12 o’clock to 3 o’clock to 12 o’clock 5 minutes.

Azad Kashmir will take over; Chief Minister Usman Bazdar will be exiting the CM Secretariat including members, officers, commissioners, deputy commissioners, police commissioners, assistant commissioners, his assistants. Offices will be outside at the same time outside on the streets.

Out of the city streets, shopkeepers will be out on the streets from 12am till 12pm. All traffic signals will remain red. All vehicles will be parked wherever they are, teachers, students will leave schools, helicopters, drone cameras of all these events.

Prime Minister Imran Khan says nation stands out for solidarity with Kashmiris

Indian action in Kashmir is a war crime under the Fourth Geneva Convention: PM

Prime Minister Imran Khan on social networking site Twitter said that the nation came out for Kashmiris from 12 to 12:30, the nation should unite with Kashmiris tomorrow, Indian action in Kashmir is a war crime under the Geneva Convention.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the killing of curfews and innocent Kashmiris in occupied Kashmir is not acceptable to Pakistan; killing of children and women by the Indian Army is the agenda of genocide of Modi government, the whole people 12 to 12:30. Until then take the streets and message the people of Kashmir that they stand beside them.

The Prime Minister said that people should go out and express solidarity with Kashmiris and send a clear message in occupied Kashmir. Message should be given to Kashmiris that the entire Pakistani nation stands with Kashmiris. To oppress.



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