Home Business The rupee depreciated by one rupee in the dollar

The rupee depreciated by one rupee in the dollar

The rupee depreciated by one rupee in the dollar

The dollar fell to Rs 157.25 from the low of Rs 158.25 after the rupee was cheap.

KARACHI (Urdu Point latest newspaper – 23 August 2019): The dollar’s value has dropped by one rupee after which the rupee has strengthened.

According to details, according to Forex dealers, the dollar fell by Rs 1 to the Interbank after which the dollar fell to Rs 157.25 from Rs 158.25.

Remember that the US dollar was 27 paise cheaper at Interbank yesterday. Remember that in August 2018, when the PTI government came to power, the dollar was worth 122 rupees.

In May 2019, the dollar would reach Rs 151 and the highest level in the country’s history in June at Rs 164. However, the value of the dollar continued to rise in July, and then gradually the price went down with a difference of a few bucks. With the completion of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government one year, debt to the country increased, foreign exchange reserves and rupee depreciation were recorded.

In one year, the dollar increased by 28% in the interbank to 158 rupees 95 paise, while the US currency in the open market increased by 29% to 15 paise at 40 paise.

Within the year, interest rates increased by 5.75% to 13.25. The PTI government has borrowed from Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, China, and other sources to improve the economy from August 18, 2018, while external debt, which was $ 96 billion, reached $ 105 billion by March 2019.

These loans do not include the IMF, the World Bank, and the Asian Development Bank loan, if the loans received by these entities are included, then a careful estimate would add about $ 5 billion to these loans. Is likely to increase.



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