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The trade deficit in the year 2019 to $ 17 billion 44 million

$ 2 billion to $ 94 billion in May significantly reduced, government measures praised

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s trade deficit during the current year 2019 has decreased by a total of 17 billion 44 million dollars.

According to statistics from the Institute of Statistics Pakistan (PBS) and the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), the country’s trade deficit has declined significantly to $ 2 billion 94 million during May 2019 this year. In April, the shortfall of $ 2 billion 65 million was recorded.

According to statistics, Pakistan’s trade deficit has decreased by more than $ 2 billion on an average during the seven months from January to July in 2019.

During January 2019, the trade deficit dropped to $ 2 billion 46 million, while the volume of trade deficit for February decreased to $ 2 billion 29 million. Similarly, during March 2019, the trade deficit was saved by $ 2 billion 17 billion and $ 1.2 billion in April by $ 1.2 billion.

Similarly, the biggest deficit in trade deficit during May 2019 was recorded at $ 2 billion 94 million, while on June 2 billion 64 million dollars was recorded in July and $ 2 billion 27 million in July.

Economists say the government’s move to discourage imports of luxurious and in-house products is commendable, which will not only help the development and promotion of local industry but will also help pay for national finance. The pressure has also decreased.



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