Home News US Insincerity: 8 Apache Attack helicopters handed over to Indian Air Force

US Insincerity: 8 Apache Attack helicopters handed over to Indian Air Force

US Insincerity 8 Apache Attack helicopters handed over to Indian Air Force

America has given evidence of indignation once again by handing over Apache helicopters to India despite the tense situation.

New Delhi: The United States, which teaches peace and security to Pakistan, is committed to helping India in its war preparations. According to Indian media, American company Boeing has handed over the latest 8-inch Apache Attack helicopters to the Indian Air Force.

An event was held at Pathankot, the Indian Air Force base, in which Indian Government and Air Force officials attended. On this occasion, 2 Apache helicopters demonstrated their combat capabilities, which were flown by Wing Commander Kotze Osti and Manish Dogar.

It is to be noted that the Modi government in its previous government had contracted to buy 22-degree Apache Attack helicopter from US aircraft manufacturer Boeing in September 2015. The total cost of the deal is $ 110 million (about Rs. 8000 crores Indian rupees) under which the first fleet of fighter jets is handed over to the Indian Air Force today.
The version of the Apache Attack helicopters mentioned above is the AH64E (I), which is considered the latest, the most expensive and the deadliest in the helicopters of this series. In addition, “Apache” is the same helicopter used several times by Israeli air strikes on civilian populations in the Lebanon and Gaza Strip.

Despite the tense situation in the subcontinent and India’s brutal human rights abuses in occupied Kashmir, the delivery of Indian Air Force helicopters to the Indian Air Force is proof that the Trump administration has nothing to do with the human tragedy in occupied Kashmir. In fact, India’s interest is as dear today as the delay in the delivery of these helicopters may be short-lived. On the contrary, in the present case, India is in dire need of helicopters for Israeli-style operations in occupied Kashmir, which the US has delayed.

And more importantly, the Apache helicopter deal, like Rafael, has a high likelihood of corruption because, according to global sources, the cost per unit (including weapons) of Apache helicopters is around 40 million (million 4 million). Is. ). The deal cost between $ 88 million and $ 90 million. Perhaps here too the Modi government has taken a commission of $ 20 million (Rs. 1446 crore Indian rupees).



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