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Where is Maryam Nawaz arrested in NAB?


The apparently most important issue that is being discussed on social media after the arrest of Chaudhry Sugar Mills in the case of the former president of the ruling PML-N, Maryam Nawaz, is where the accused has been placed after his arrest.

Some media representatives have been reporting from sources that NAB authorities have arrested Maryam Nawaz and then placed him in Lahore’s NAB office after receiving physical remand from a local NAB court.

The building houses a daycare center for the children of NAB personnel. The purpose of setting up this daycare center was that if NAB’s female staff came to work with their infant children while on duty, they would be taken care of there.

A NAB Lahore official said on condition of anonymity that two to three new rooms were recently constructed in the main building of NAB Lahore, which was being used as a daycare center.

“It is a fully furnished building, declared as a sub-jail, and Maryam Nawaz is kept in one of her rooms.”

In response to a question, he said that contrary to reports in the media, it was not such a tight building and could not hold an accused.

She said that since it is a furnished building, almost all the facilities available to Maryam Nawaz are available there.

They refrained from answering the question of where the children of the employees brought there after the daycare center was declared a sub-jail. He acted only as saying, “Eid holidays have begun today so it is not currently a matter of where the employees’ children will be kept.”

He said that it was the responsibility of the female police officers to oversee all the security and other matters in the building.

In addition to the office of DG NAB Lahore, three rooms have been constructed in this building which is called interview room.

In addition, the building has 14 detention centers located in front of each other. However, another NAB official also confirmed on condition of anonymity that there was no cell for women in the building.

The place where Maryam Nawaz is kept is a daycare room and only women can go there while men are prohibited from entering.

Local journalists say that when Nawaz was arrested by NAB officials in Lahore’s Kot Lakhpat Jail, he had told media representatives that he would be kept in a daycare center in the NAB building.

Maryam Nawaz is the second woman to be kept in this NAB building. Earlier, a woman named Taiba Gul was placed in the building.

According to local Lahore correspondent Ali Waqar, the video against Chairman NAB Justice Javed Iqbal, which went viral on social media in which he was talking to a woman, was the lead character.

Maryam Nawaz’s cousin has also been arrested in the case of Chaudhry Sugar Mills and a 12-day physical remand of the accused has been obtained from the local court. The NAB team is investigating these suspects, which include all the men.

NAB officials say either a female officer will be included for interrogation of Maryam Nawaz and if that is not possible, the female policeman will remain in the interrogation room till the NAB team meets Maryam Nawaz. Could not complete the investigation.

According to a NAB official, food for Maryam Nawaz is coming from her home and NAB officials have not objected.

According to the journalist Ali Waqar, there are three interview rooms near the daycare center where the accused are being interrogated not only close circuit cameras but sound recording equipment has also been installed.

He said that security point of view has installed CCTV cameras in the washrooms in the building where no one’s privacy is affected.

According to Ali Waqar, these cameras are installed so that no one should attempt suicide by using the washroom.



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